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 I was assistant to the Manager of the Electroacoustic Music Studios in the Department of Music of a UK University.  I accepted voluntary redundancy and early  retirement in July 2009.
My main duties were concerned with maintaining the Department's Main Recording Studio (MacPro/Digidesign003), Postgraduate Composition Suites and computing facilities. The Seven Composition Suites were MacPro/DigiDesign002 based, running ProTools LE and Digital Performer Core Applications supported by BIAS PEAK for first-line audio editing.  Audio manipulation via RTAS and AU "Plugins" from DigiDesign, Pluggo (Cycling 74), GRMTools and Waves. PCs were also available in the department in Music Information Technology (MIT) areas, covering MIDI Programming and Multimedia Web Design. Late developments were to extend two of the Composition suites to include a greater emphasis on Video manipulation, with FinalCut Studio and Express.  Logic Audio was also introduced in ALL studios as an alternative to ProTools/Digital Performer.

Outside of these areas, I also provided hardware and software support to both staff and students of the department.

  Academic Stuff


I was born and raised in London. After taking Chemistry and Music at A-level, I worked in Photography for three years at the Rocket Propulsion Establishment, Westcott, BUCKS., whilst simultaneously studying for my C&G345 Photographic Technicians Certificate for one day and one evening per week at College.

I then sought employment closer to home at the Post Office Research Department at Dollis Hill in Northwest London where I was employed as a Photographer whilst I continued my studies in Photography by taking the C&G745 Advanced Photographic Technicians Certificate. I remained with the Post Office for five years, leaving when they relocated to their present research facility at Martlesham Heath in Suffolk - and British Telecom was born. . .

I then successfully applied for a position with an independant testing laboratory called Stanger Laboratories at Elstree in Hertfordshire and simultaneously began my studies in Metallurgy, - a six-year day-release based marathon which gave me Ordinary and Higher Certificates in Metallurgical Studies and a further one year's study to Associate of the Institution of Metallurgists qualifying level.

It was at this point that I joined a University in London (January 1981) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering as Departmental Photographer/Metallurgical Technician. I remained there for six years before moving to the Department of Optometry and Visual Science as Departmental Photographer (1988).

The job of Assistant to the Studio Manager in the Department of Music was created in 1991 and I applied successfully, enabling me to combine my technical abilities with my interests in music.

Interests, Activities & Plans

My professional interests lie in the fields of sound recording, and the use of computers in the creation and manipulation of sound, as a means of creating Music.

My own musical activities include occasional Concerts with The English Chamber Choir, performing choral works ranging from early to contemporary music. I have also taken part with the choir in recording sessions for artists as diverse as Vangelis, Black Sabbath, Rick Wakeman, Gene Pitney, Jon Anderson, Demis Roussos and recently Procol Harem.

Most recently, (Summer 2016) I took part, as a member of the English Chamber Choir, in the re-recording of Rick Wakeman's "Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" Double-CD and Vinyl. We subsequently performed it live at the StoneFree Festival at London's O2 Arena, one month later... this completed the circle for me, having taken part in the original 1975 recording at Morgan Studios in NW London.

Future plans include:

Building my own computer-based composition facility.
Continuing to write Music
Restoring old recordings.
Completing the digitising of my Grandfather's legacy of glass 1/4 plate negatives. 
Also, I want to spend some time researching the family tree.

Other Interesting Things

I'm nuts about computers generally. Over the years, I have owned a Sinclair ZX81, An NEC PC8001 (Cp/M) A Ferranti PC XT (Dos 2.81) and thence 286/386/486/Pentium II/Pentium III, seeing out Dos (DR and MS) and enjoying ;-) Windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.11 and Win 95/98 and XP, but my main M$ OS is now Windows10 Pro, which seems to be largely stable and well behaved

I enjoy building computers from components and sorting out their problems. I enjoy discovering non-standard ways of making them do things. I'm interested in any software/hardware that does something unusual or works around some odd problem. . .

Presently my DeskTop PC carries an AMD FX 8350 4.0GHz 8-core processor and 32Gb of Ram, This machine is dual-booting, with Windows10 Pro and Ubuntu Mate 14.04.

There is also an AMD Athlon II x2 250 (3.0.GHz) with 4Gb Ram. This machine runs Windows10 Home and dual-boots with Windows XP Pro SP3.

These machines are networked together, and share my internet connection (via a Gigabit switch by TP-Link, and a TP-Link Wireless router). The scanner, an Epson 1200 Photo, is connected via USB to the AMD64 8-core machine. A Networked HP OfficeJet Pro 8100 provides printing services to any connected computer, In addition, there is a Stand-Alone Ftp Server connected to the GigaBit switch which functions independently of either PC.

I also presently have an iBook G4 (OS10.4.6) for ProTools 7.4.6/MBox2  a MacMini (OS10.4.1.1).

An Hp Pavilion 15 running an AMD A-8 Quad-core with 8Gb Ram, is moreorless used exclusively for MUSIC, Running "Reaper64" on Windows10 Home.

There is also an Asus eepc901 netbook upgraded to 160Gb (SSD )running Ubuntu Linux

Photographically I enjoy available light photography. . . making pictures under impossible conditions. Anything that is a challenge really. I enjoy using computers to restore old or damaged photographs.

As a relaxation I like nothing better than to try my luck fly-fishing on the rivers of Dartmoor in Devonshire, and of course enjoying a pint or three afterwards. I also like to play the piano, and compose Music.

As regards Synthesisers, I have an Alesis Fusion 8HD, an Alesis Fusion 6HD, A Yamaha MOXF6, a Yamaha SY85 and Akai ADVANCE61 Control Keyboard. I also have Native Instruments Komplete11 Ultimate.

I enjoy(?) watching television - I have a motorised system that currently looks at a dozen or so satellites - some 3000 channels (Some are even in English) ;-)

Since my redundancy, I am a global moderator on three Internet Forums that deal with Use and maintenance of Synthesizers, and music matters in general. It has helped to fill the gap the job left behind and fulfill my Technical Support tendancies ;-)

My "handle" in all three forums is "parametric" BTW . . .

Yamaha Musicians

FusionZone - The unofficial Fusion Support Site

Fusion Club

Dartmoor is my most favourite place, and my family have associations there as regular summer visitors since the 1950s.

Visit the Slade Farm Virtual Reunion Homepage.

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